by Aperture Science Limited

Route Override

Whenever we need to send you data (e.g., when you are downloading from your server), we need to decide how the traffic reaches you. The default path picked by the router may not be optimal; you can override our routing decision manually for your IP address ( / AS???).

If your ASN is showing up as AS???, it indicates that you are currently using an override. Some options will not be available in this state. Please disable any override and wait for the next override sync.

If you are an AperNet customer announcing your own IP space, overriding may make your space unreachable, as the upstream you selected may not have updated its filter yet.

The next route override sync will run in 55 second(s).

Traffic to your IP address is currently routed via Hurricane Electric.

Should you have any questions, feel free to email support@apernet.io.